Date: March 25th, 20th - April 14th (Daily) 11am - 8pm (9 hours)

Venue: PMQ  - 35 Ap Lei Tat Street, Central, Hong Kong

Fee: Free admission



"KAWS: ALONG THE WAY", curated by Germano Celant, explores the creative practice of artist KAWS for nearly a decade. This solo exhibition will bring the artist's creations from 2008 to the present, as well as several works that debuted in Hong Kong for the first time. The exhibition is curated in chronological order and theme, and will feature the artist's most iconic series of characters, such as "CHUM" and "COMPANION", as well as the recent role of "YOU".



"KAWS: ALONG THE WAY" will feature 37 selected pieces, including giant outdoor sculptures, recent paintings and early creations that exceed the size of the person. The exhibition will cover the indoor and outdoor spaces of PMQ. A large 5.5-meter-high sculpture "ALONG THE WAY" (2015) will be set up in the atrium to welcome the public who visited. A pair of "COMPANION" gently embrace each other. I hope to bring the public closer to contemporary art and design. This exhibition will become the world's first exhibition of this sculpture. Other highlights of the exhibition include the artist's famous works: "NEW MORNING" (2012), the 8-foot-tall pink sculpture "ACCOM-PLICE" and two "YOU" series creations, which make the joyful character stir up a mixed color. As well as the display of personalized images, it presents a collective visual memory full of humor.