Born 1968, Stuttgart. Lives and works in New York City.


Erik Parker is known for his precisely painted and organized worlds of chaos that exist within his brightly colored, intensely layered, highly saturated canvases.


Parker's work depicts unique, fantastical scenes of biomorphic subjects and unworldly landscapes. Parker methodically paints each composition to the optical extreme creating an intense visual experience. Parker employs many styles in his work, from graffiti to psychedelic album covers and cartoons.


Parker’s amalgamation of all these elements creates something visually guerillistic; an optical colloquialism through his use of vibrant color and seemingly endless dimension-bending shapes.


Influenced by Picasso and Francis Bacon and their radical manipulations of the human form, Parker’s aim is to test how far he can go in the 21st century in taking the figure to the extremes of alteration.


Parker’s works have been included in many public collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Yale University Art Gallery, RISD Museum of Art, and the Hammer Museum.