Maria Hegedus is a Columbia, South Carolina (United States) based muralist and fine artist. She spent the past five years in United Arab Emirates but has recently relocated back to the States. Although based in the Southern US, Maria still enjoys traveling. Her most recent job was in Sacramento, California.


While in the Emirates, Maria specialized in murals for hotels, restaurants, and bars, as well as completing murals for schools, gyms, wildlife reserves, homes and more. Her work can be seen across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates.


Although taking several art classes in college, Maria considers herself primarily self-taught, and enjoys mixing mediums. Murals generally are painted using layers of latex, acrylic and spray paint. Her other favorite mediums for paintings include watercolor on paper and acrylic on canvas. She also occasionally uses oil and epoxy and has lately been getting into logo design and illustration of various types.


While living overseas Maria was fortunate enough to travel to many countries and picked up much inspiration along the way. Local cultural art, as well as patterns from textiles and fabrics can be seen in much of her work as well. She enjoys fusing realistic elements with more geometric patterns and designs. Much of her work features natural elements (such as plants and/or animals) with more intricate geometric designs and patterns. Her favorite challenge is fusing her clients’ wishes with her own personal style! Nothing gives more freedom to creative expression than a blank white wall with no limits, however.


Maria has had selected designs produced by Elephant Parade Charity, as well as a UAE coloring book, “Color UAE” available through “Wanna Read!” charity in Abu Dhabi.